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8×7 Glass Garage Door – How Do You Want it

There are many standard specifications for your glass garage door. One of the most popular is the 8×7 glass garage door. But apart from the size, you can also choose the design. We have different beautiful designs. Whether you want it with frames or you prefer the frame hidden such that it looks frameless. Our 8×7 glass garage door also comes in different glass types and colors. We’ve got a black glass, white glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and fiber glass garage door, just to mention a few.  The options are endless. Yet, we will also listen to you if you prefer custom design and have a special kind of glass in mind. The objective is to give you a garage door that is safe beautiful and durable. Tell us the way you want it and we will deliver it exactly like that.

8×7 Glass Garage Door With Extra Protection

You may be concerned about the safety of your 8×7 glass garage door. But don’t worry, we understand your concern and we can never put your home at any risk. Glass garage doors are safe when they are installed by experts with deep knowledge of garage door installation. With double tempered laminated glass, your doors will be too hard for hoodlums to break. This kind of glass also offers great resistance to wind or even solid objects that may mistakenly hit it. So you are fully protected. Our 8×7 glass garage door also offers protection against heat and excessive cold. So, they are not just to make your home beautiful, but they also bring you comfort and protection.

8×7 Glass Garage Door At The Most Affordable Price

Maybe you are thinking that glass garage doors are too expensive, well, we offer the most affordable 8×7 glass garage door in Lynnwood, WA. Because of our scale of operation, experience in the industry, and the fact that we buy our materials from big companies, we are able to offer our glass garage doors at affordable prices. Moreover, our products and services come with a warranty. So you are guaranteed that you will get value for every cent spent on your 8×7 glass garage door.

8×7 Glass Garage Door – Trust Us for the Best Job

At Ed Garage Door Repair we offer repair and installation of all types of 8×7 glass garage door. It doesn’t matter the design or the type of glass. Trust us for a perfect job. We have been in the business for a long time. All our technicians are qualified and experienced. Our equipment is modern, sophisticated and accurate. Our jobs are professionally done. Whether it is a new installation or you want to repair a faulty 8×7 glass garage door. We are the best garage door installer and repairer in Lynnwood, WA. We pay attention to details, and we care about your satisfaction. Because we have confidence in the quality of our services, that is why they all come with a warranty. We also understand the need for emergency, which is the reason we are available all hours of the day on every day of the week. Call us to repair your 8×7 glass garage door at any time and we will respond immediately. Surely, those are among the reasons our clients are always happy with us. Let’s fix your 8×7 glass garage door, and we are sure you too will be happy.

8×7 Glass Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions

Is An 8×7 Glass Garage Door Wide Enough For My Car?

Yes, 8×7 is among the most common standard size for a single garage door. It is wide enough for cars of all sizes. Other options you have include a 9×7 glass garage door and an 8×8 glass garage door.

Can Glass Garage Doors Be Broken Easily?

No, although glass is fragile, the glass we use for making our 8×7 glass garage door is specially treated such that they offer high resistance to breakage especially from outside.

How Can I Fix My 8×7 Glass Garage Door?

Contact Ed Garage Door Repair for all forms of 8×7 glass garage door repair and installation. We are the best in Lynnwood, WA. We are sure that you will be happy with our services.

How Durable Are 8×7 Glass Garage Doors?

At Ed Garage Door Repair, we use only quality materials that are purchased from the top and reliable suppliers. Therefore, any kind of glass garage door that we will install for you will be highly durable and reliable.

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