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Garage Door Opener Remote Wall Mount—Expertise In Installing

Due to the comfort and protection it offers, an automated garage door opener is almost a necessity in homes.  Generally, in regards to their location in your garage, you would presume that the garage door openers are mounted overhead.

Although these are efficient openers, there is another form of opener that provides unique advantages not provided by other kinds of garage door openers. These openers are referred to as wall-mounted garage door openers or jackshaft door openers. As their name suggests, wall-mounted garage door openers are present on a garage door opener remote wall mount.

Rather than overhead, these openers are placed on the wall; their location and design provide some real key advantages.  The following are some of the reasons for you to consider installing wall-mounted garage door openers or a garage door opener remote wall mount.

1.     Save Space

The garage has a space for storing things that are needed once in a blue moon. However, the garage door opener and parts on the ceiling will take up a lot of that space. When you use a garage door opener remote wall mount, it frees up a lot of space on the ceiling for other things.

The ceiling is an excellent place for hanging bicycles or installing hanging racks that can hold cartons that you only need to access once every six months or a year. You free up a lot of room for these things by using an opener that doesn’t need to be fixed to the ceiling, such as a garage door opener remote wall mount.

2.     Fewer Malfunctions

There are fewer catastrophic failures with a wall-mounted garage door opener than with an overhead garage door opener. This is partly because there is no belt or chain to stress about or take care of.

This also enables easier maintenance of the wall-mounted garage door opener. One reason is that you may not need to grease an opener that does not have a belt or chain. The garage door opener remote wall mount is also less noisy than its overhead equivalent, even without a chain or belt.

Another benefit of a wall-mounted opener is that the main rail utilized in a trolley-style opener is done away with. This is ideal for saving space and functionality and helps to avoid some of the rail maintenance needed, including sloppy lubrication that can spill onto the surface of your car or garage door.

The engine goes along the rails instead of pushing the trolley across the rail to move the garage door and lift it. This makes a garage door opener remote wall mount an attractive option.

3.     Easy to Maintain

In addition to avoiding the upkeep of the central rail, operating a wall-mounted opener is usually simpler to use than other options. The opener is easier to access, and because there are no chains or cords that can break, you won’t have to fix the garage door as much. There are fewer moving components that need cleaning and greasing, so less maintenance is needed overall. This is one of the key benefits of having a garage door opener remote wall mount installed at your home by a professional service like Ed Garage Door Repair.

4.     Great Security Features

Most wall-mounted garage door openers come with excellent security features. For example, some models of these garage door openers are equipped with Security+ 2.0 technology. For remotely controlled keys, such as buttons that can be controlled with a garage door opener remote keychain, this guarantees better protection. You can gain remote access to this model through your mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

A red emergency release cable is provided in conventional overhead garage doors that can be removed from the opener to disconnect the door. This allows homeowners to raise the door manually during emergencies.

Although this serves its function, a possible burglar might pull the cable after twisting the top of the garage door somewhat with a coat hanger, leaving your garage unprotected. Potential burglars cannot exploit a garage door opener remote wall mount in the same way as it does not feature any cables or cords.

5.     Quiet Operation

Compared to openers driven by belts, wall-mounted garage door openers make a lot less noise when used.  Moreover, you can make the garage door opener remote wall mount completely noise-free by pairing it with an insulated door.

Garage Door Opener Remote Wall Mount Installation Made Easy By Ed Garage Door Repair In Lynnwood

If you want a garage door opener that does take too much space and increase the security of your garage, then it would be a good idea to contact a company that can install a wall-mounted garage door at your place, like Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood, WA. We have expertise in installing garage door opener remote wall mount in Lynnwood that can make your life easier. Contact us now for more information and to find out more about us.

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