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Modern Wood Look Garage Doors – State Of The Art Doors!

Modern wood look garage doors from Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087   are for those who appreciate the concept of including touches of wood to the exterior structure. Faux wood or solid wood garage doors is always an excellent idea. Lookalikes of modern wood look garage doors are pocket-friendly, efficient when it comes to energy. The maintenance is stress-free when done through Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087 These doors are magnificent and need minimal TLC as far as maintenance is concerned. Irrespective of the kind of garage door that you go for, there is always modern wood look garage doors for you!


Architecture in the modern era reached the peak of its popularity starting from the 1930s to the 1960s and that brought about the mid-century appellation. The homes with the mid-century style derived some inspiration from the pre-war global style and were improved upon following the war. They featured flat planes for the roofs and modifications to the elevation in the interior spaces. As there were lots of materials, they usually made use of materials that contrasted and bold colors were prominent. Rustic garage doors for homes of the era featured modern wood look garage doors full-view glass, steel, or dark wood and had flush panels or horizontal lines.


The pioneering style in architecture that emanated from the United States was the prairie style home. These were advanced bungalows and reigned in various parts of the Midwest from 1900 to 1915 and you can still notice remnants of the style in the 21st century. They come with clear rooflines, horizontal lines, and ground-hugging fractions. Earthy substances were dominant and typically promoted the natural aura of the prairie life. These have since been updated with modern wood look garage doors.

Farmhouse Modern

The farmhouse modern wood look garage doors concept is minimalist, tidy, and purposeful and derived inspiration from conventional farmhouses. The design oozed warmth and a regular country home kind of aura. The modern wood look garage doors for the homes built with this style are known for their muted browns, whites, grays, and cozy wood tones. It is even possible to see them include the diagonal cross lines reminiscent of a barn door.


The ranch-style buildings of the modern era are usually elongated, one-story, and close to the ground in appearance. They derive inspiration from the prairie design with a blend of suburbia. They are regarded as mid-century modern and usually have garages and massive landscapes. You can even get modern wood look garage doors from Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087.

What Garage Doors Blend Well With Contemporary And Modern Styled Homes?

There are three principal kinds when it comes to modern garage doors. For every style, you are going to see it most appropriate fit in a modern residence but not all types will fit into the modern home. Modern residences are sophisticated, unique, and very distinctive. It is good to take a look at the properties of your home while considering all the alternatives. The three kinds of garage doors are as follows:

Raised Or Traditional Panels

Based on the feel and look of your modern building, you can get attracted by the regular modern wood look garage doors. The raised panel doors are the most well-known of the styles and usually relate well with several other styles.  The modern wood look garage doors feature short or elongated panels with bevels on every part of the door itself.

They come with a greater level of ornamentation and balance than some of the modern-day homeowners and also increase the elegance. Mid-century and modern home with fewer angles can be the most ideal when it comes to a raised panel door.

If what you desire is a traditional style door and a type that will go well with the geometry, then go for a flush panel door. The doors have prominent sections while maintaining the neat look you have seen in many contemporary and modern homes.

Carriage House

One thing with the carriage house garage doors is that they are reminiscent of when automatic door openers came into prominence. Even though they feature door handles and ornamental hinges, these doors are still very functional. They tend to come with a rustic appearance because of their historical antecedents.

The ideal kind of modern home can feature a barn-themed garage door that uses rectangle-shaped panels. Homeowners in the modern era searching for carriage house garage doors can think of doing away with the ornamental hardware to have a neater appearance. Farmhouse, prairie, and modern ranch homes go very well with these kinds of garage doors.


Well, the most well-known choice for a contemporary or modern home is the contemporary-style garage door. Just like the architectural pattern, modern home garage doors feature neat lines and copious natural light, and many windows. Apart from the full-view style, you are going to notice the window patterns in asymmetric style. This shows in the design which makes regular use of wood. There is also the practice of blending materials and it is not uncommon to see the composite use of wood, steel, glass, and aluminum in the contemporary garage door.

The essence of these doors is for modern architecture and can go well with any kind of theme for modern-style residences. For those who do not know the style to even go for, it is always a safe bet to go for the contemporary-style garage door. You can be sure that they will go with the initial architecture adopted by the home.

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