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Programmable Garage Door Opener—Benefits of Installing It

Conventional openers for garage doors are still in standby mode, simply waiting for you to unlock the door by pressing the button. You can turn the entire thing off while you are not at home with an intelligent garage door opener.  This helps you to reduce the use of electricity and minimize the carbon footprint of your house.

An intelligent, programmable garage door opener is the perfect solution if you want to enhance your home’s tech and protection. Comfort and protection are two of the many advantages of a smart, programmable garage door opener that can be controlled remotely.

Like any other smart device, a programmable garage door opener is designed to make your life more convenient. A garage is important to any house and a smart, programmable garage door opener can make it incredibly convenient to access it. The following are some of the benefits of installing a programmable garage door opener at your home.

Improved Safety

You would not have to be concerned about certain risks when you install an automatic garage door opener, such as smashing someone with the garage door or trapped fingers somewhere, which may happen with a manual garage door opener if appropriate precautions are not taken. Installing a smart garage door opener would be especially useful for people with a health problem like arthritis.

Keep Tracking Of Comings And Goings In Your Home

Do you want to ensure sure your kids reached home safely from school? Or do you make sure your teen has arrived before the curfew? You can get a detailed account of when your garage has been opened or closed with an intelligent, programmable garage door opener.  Two-way audio operated by a mobile application is incorporated into some Liftmaster openers. You can verify visitors on the spot via this feature.

If you prefer not to give your house keys to anyone, then you can use your programmable garage door opener to permit your guests to enter your home. You don’t even need to send the passcode to them. Just let them in when you are ready.


The ease of using it is one of the key advantages of having a smart garage door opener installed at your home. You can conveniently open your garage door by pressing a button on the remote without getting out of your vehicle. Now you won’t have to step out of your vehicle or house to open or close your garage door in inclement weather.

On the other hand, with a manual garage door opener, especially when it’s pouring or it’s cold weather, you may face some trouble as you will need to get out of your vehicle to unlock the garage door. This makes switching to a smart garage door opener a no-brainer.

No More Garage Door Opener Remote Falling Into The Wrong Hands

An entry into your home is your garage door opener remote. Many individuals put blind faith in their garage door to be safe. However, the garage door defense can easily be breached if its opener remote gets into the wrong hands.

Recently, many cities in California have seen an increase in burglaries due to the garage door opener remote falling into the wrong hands. However, with a smart, programmable garage door opener, a mobile application installed on your smartphone serves as the remote.

So, as long as you keep your phone safe, you won’t have to worry about unwanted intruders entering your home through your garage after getting hold of the remote. However, in frustration, they might try to bulldoze their way into your garage. This may cause some damage to the garage door opener, making garage door opener repair necessary. If there are any visible damages to your garage door, then you would do well to call in an expert garage door opener repair company like Ed Garage Door Repair to fix the damage.

Several Advanced Features

Automated garage door openers tend to be a safer alternative than manual garage openers if you’re searching for better protection and integrated features. In reality, automated garage openers are available with various state-of-the-art functionality, including mobile app commands, a warning system when the door is left open, the door closing automatically once you exit, and more

Programmable Garage Door Opener Installation Made Easy By Ed Garage Door Repair In Lynnwood

If your existing manual garage door opener is compromising the safety of your home or making your life inconvenient, then it would be a good idea to contact a garage door maintenance service like Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood. We have expertise in installing all kinds of garage door openers in Lynnwood that can make your life easier. Contact us now for more information.

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