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Repair Cables – Garage Doors Systems And Us

ED Garage Door Repair knows how important your home security is. That is why we offer and provide you with the best service in our work locations. We are a company specialized in garage door service repair and installation. We can do everything from maintenance to complete garage door replacements. We only work with the best products to ensure that your home gets what it deserves.

We know that the property of our customers is important to them. That is why we understand that the garage door can be a big hole in people’s house security. Some of our customers forget that their garage is an integral part of their property that can affect the overall safety. Because of this, we understand the importance of doing a fast and good job when providing garage door service repair and installation to our customers’ properties.

Garage door systems involve many different parts that make the door work properly. These parts include the extension or torsion springs, cable drums, rollers, tracks, and cables! These parts complete the garage door system and make it function properly.

Some garage doors tend to weigh around 400 pounds, some more or some less, depending on the materials used to make them. Imagine the force the system has to make to move the door when something is broken! That is why when some of these parts fail or damage, the garage door won’t open. Working correctly and supporting each other will make it easier for the door to function correctly.

Repair Cables – What Purpose Do the Garage Door Cables Have?

The cables purpose, placed at both sides of the garage doors, work with both torsion and extension springs to help move the door up and down. When a cable breaks, this will lead to issues as it will force the other line to make more force and eventually lead to you needing to repair cables for both sides. The wires are attached to the bottom of the door and a cable drum when the springs turn. The line wraps or unwraps, making the door move, considering that the cables also act as a security measure to prevent accidents from happening if the springs have an issue while in the middle of the movement.

Repair cables of a garage door are not risky and challenging, but you should still take care when doing so. It is essential to repair these cables as soon as an issue is noticed as it can lead to more damage to the system in the long run.

Repair Cables – How To Repair The Broken Cables?

To replace the broken cables, you will have to open the door and lock it in place. You can do this by setting vice grips to the track or putting a ladder under the door to keep it in place and make it, so it doesn’t move.

Once you have done this, you will have to remove the cable from the bottom and then move to the cable drum near the springs. Following the manufacturer’s manual, you should be able to attach the line to the drum and then attach it to the bottom of the door.

We highly recommend you to change both cables if you need to change one as the cable’s length can be different, leading to problems in the future. If you don’t desire to do so, you might want to check both lines’ lengths and match their lengths using the springs. Dealing with the springs can be difficult and dangerous if you are inexperienced. We recommend you to call us instead if you desire to use this method.

Repair Cables – Why Don’t You Get In Touch With Us?

ED Garage Door Repair will be more than happy to help you with any situation you may need help with; we can help you repair cables or any other issues your garage doors may have. Get in touch with us; our professionals will be more than capable of assisting you with these issues. Whether it is big or small, we are prepared to deal with it.

You can contact us through our phone number or email! When deciding whether to call us or not, think about your property’s security, whether commercial or residential and who you want to work in them. Would you rather have a mediocre company that can make mistakes that will come to hunt you later or get a highly professional and prepared company? We believe the choice is easy to make. Call us now and get a service like no other! We are waiting for you!

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