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Replace Existing Garage Door Opener – All Year Long!

A garage door opener gives you easy access to your garage, and like other components, the opener has a finite lifespan. That means at some point, it may well break down and the time will come to replace existing garage door opener. A replace existing garage door opener will work properly with a proper opener, and it is important that when you have a broken down garage door, you make a quick search for a “garage door replacement near me.” At Ed Garage Door Repair, we are experts in garage door opener repairs and can replace existing garage door openers in Lynwood, WA easily.

It’s imperative that you fix a problematic garage door immediately to ensure your safety and that of your family. If your garage door starts behaving unusually, or you wonder whether you should replace existing garage door opener, then get in touch with us today. The good news for you is that your garage door will show you signs of wear and tear when the time comes to replace it. To help you out we are going to be highlighting some of these signs for you.

Replace Existing Garage Door Opener – The Signs To Watch Out For

Garage door openers are a modern convenience that many people take for granted, allowing you to easily access your garage space with just the touch of a button. Every year, you open and close the largest door to your home thousands of times and expect it to work flawlessly. However, that doesn’t always happen, and when your opener starts to wear out, there are signs you should watch out for.

Even if your older garage door opener is still working, it can still present safety issues. So, look for these signs that your garage door opener is nearing the end of its life, and whether it is time to replace existing garage door opener.

·        Mechanical Meltdowns

There are a handful of issues that could indicate the end of your garage door opener. Whether it’s suspicious sounds or problems with moving parts, the nuts and bolts of your machine can cause real problems when they’ve met their end. When it is time to replace existing garage door opener, you will notice that it will frequently have mechanical meltdowns and act strangely.

That can present safety issues to you, especially if the meltdowns increase in regularity. That’s where you should start looking for garage door replacement near me.

·        Vibrating Opener

A garage door opener that tends to vibrate might seem harmless in the beginning, but you should keep an eye on it. Older motors with armatures that are worn out or shafts that are bent may vibrate inside their housings. You may even notice that the opener is shaking loose from its mounting points on your structure. If that’s happening, it can be dangerous.

A vibrating opener could eventually break free from its mounting and fall to the ground. When crucial mechanical parts like these fail, it’s time to replace existing garage door openers.

·        Opening Then Reversing

If your garage door opener opens and reverses immediately, it can point to an issue with the security sensors at the bottom of the garage door frame. Check to be sure that the sensors are aligned correctly, and consult your garage door opener manual. If that doesn’t solve the reversing issue, sweep the floor across the garage door threshold to clear debris that might be tripping the system. It’s also a good idea to give the photo eye of each sensor a swipe with a paper towel or soft cloth.

·        New Noises

Traditional chain drive openers are noisy by nature. Their bicycle-like chain wasn’t manufactured to keep noise at tolerable levels, and the older it gets, the more your household will be disturbed. You should consider investing in a newer belt drive opener for quieter operation.

If you own a newer garage opener that is suddenly noisy, that’s cause for concern. Try and find garage door replacement near me and have a technician from Ed Garage Door Repairs in Lynwood, WA inspect the source of the racket. Keep in mind that most electric motors get louder as they near their end, and it might be time to replace existing garage door opener.

·        Intermittent Or Unresponsive Opening

If your garage door isn’t opening when you press wall-mounted or remote control buttons, there are a few things that could be wrong. Always double-check that your remote control has fresh, working batteries. If that isn’t the issue, an unresponsive opener could point to problems with the opener’s logic board or wiring. While those can be fixed with some spare time and extra parts, it’s often easier and more reliable to replace existing garage door opener.

Replace Existing Garage Door Openers From Ed Garage Door Repair In Lynwood, WA Today

If you’re experiencing problems with your current garage door opener and are looking for garage door replacement near me, look no further than Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynwood, WA. We are the masters in garage door opener repairs and replacement and should be the first choice for those who want to replace existing garage door openers. Contact us now for more information.

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