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Tune-Up And Inspection – The Best Care For Your Garage

Are you looking for a garage door professional in Washington, WA? Then you are reading the right article. We have what you are looking for. A service of excellence, trust, and safety to perform the necessary tasks for your new garage’s care and installation. Please do not wait until tomorrow to solve your problem, have a tune-up and inspection, and get a solution  today. Contact us and clear all your doubts.

We are looking forward to working with you!

The Best Maintenance

Like most things in life, garage doors need maintenance. And that is the main thing we have come to offer you with tune-up and inspection—the best service to touch up and track the operation of your garage door. At ED Garage Door Repair, we bring you a different service. We perform a proper maintenance for your doors. Still, we also seek to generate a round trip with the customer so that the follow-up can be more enjoyable. Our goal is that both, customer and the garage door professional, feel comfortable during the procedure as well as when the job is finished. Our priority is to make you feel satisfied with the service, which is why we try to make the inspections at your doors bearable. With our leading service, we try to identify fast the problem with the door of your garage so we can make the necessary adjustments and leave it like a new one in no time. Usually, we work with doors that suffer other damages thanks due to the passage of time or blows received; but many other things can happen that lead you to request our services. Something ubiquitous among our customers is that they ask us to perform proper maintenance on their door because they installed the wrong one and they need someone to fix it. We also tend to work simply by inspecting them to prevent future damage. So, for whatever reason, you need to know that you can count on our services. Our team is fully qualified for anything related to garages.

Garage Door Installation

In addition to tune-up and inspection, we can install the best garage doors in Washington, WA. We offer a garage door installation service for your new garage. If you moved and need someone to install the new garage door, we are your best option. With this service, we seek to go beyond the required maintenance of the garage door of your home. We want to bring you the same security we provide with the maintenance service when installing your new garage door. To achieve that, the only thing you need to do is communicate with us. We are only one call away. Call us to schedule a date to do the work. Needless to say, after a correct installation, you can count on the tune-up and inspection service to ensure that your door will continue working as expected for a long time. Thanks to our professional crew, we can assure we offer an excellent full service to your garage so that you can solve all the problems with only one call.

New Measures In Covid-19

Throughout this past year, we have been forced to adapt daily to the new measures ordered by the state of Washington, WA. Our greatest hope is to continue providing tune-up and inspection to the community. In order to do it is crucial to comply with the appropriate protocols. Among them, we highlight social distancing and the mandatory use of masks. These two measures are the basis of our new working method. We strictly abide by these provisions to give our customers the most secure experience possible. From now on, in the face of any inconvenience or non-compliance with any of the measures, we remain open to being informed of any situation so that we can take the appropriate legal action. We are taking these measures to make sure that no member of our crew brings the virus to your door.

We want to offer you a service which you can trust and feel safe with. With our experience in tune-up and inspection, we hope to meet all your expectations and continue to provide you with our services in the future. Finally, remember that the ED Garage Door Repair phones are always available and waiting for your call. Contact us right away. You will not regret it! Do not wait any longer! We have the best team ever and we can solve any problem! We are the best solution for your doors! Just give us a call! We have the best team ever

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