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Universal Garage Door Keypad: Secure Your Garage Rightly

A garage provides a home for our cars, especially in places that prohibit street parking. Some people go the extra mile and use their garage as a storage space, further enhancing its functionality.

As much as a garage is an invaluable asset to any home, it is easily accessible to burglars and can be used to facilitate break-ins. Unauthorized persons can access your home through the garage, especially if proper security measures are not put in place.

To make your garage inaccessible to burglars, you need to install an ideal locking and keying system. One of the best and trendiest options in the market today being the universal garage door keypad.

The universal garage door keypad is an entry system that allows access into your garage without keys. Ed Garage Door Repair experts say that this keyless security option is a much-preferred option for more reasons than one.

Let Us Delve Into Specifics

·        Convenience

With a universal garage door keypad, you can say goodbye to fumbling with keys. It offers unmatched convenience when going into the garage as the door opens with the click of a button.

·        Security 

A keyless garage entry lock offers a heightened level of security to homeowners. It uses encryption technology that cannot be easily hacked. The probability of burglars guessing your passcode is slim to none, making it one of the most secure locking systems available.

·        Better Access Control

Keyless garage entries are quickly evolving. A sophisticated universal garage door keypad may offer access control for multiple people. As such, authorized persons can each have their unique codes to facilitate fast entry into the garage.

·        Compatibility

As the name suggests, a universal garage door keypad is compatible with many garage door opener brands. For people looking to change their garage locking systems, this feature eliminates the need to replace the entire garage gate system.

Garage Door Opener Programming Expert

Without proper programming, garage door openers will not function as required. Also, considering that this entry system has evolved since a couple of years ago, it is only wise to seek a reputable garage door company’s services.

At Ed Garage Door Repair, we are a reliable universal garage door keypad expert, serving clients in and around Lynnwood, WA 98087. We have a team of professionals who have a vast knowledge of a host of locking and keying systems, including keyless options.

Among the myriad of services, we offer, programming of your universal garage door keypad tops the list. Our team of professional technicians understand the ins and outs of battery-operated keypads and those that require hard wiring. Unlike when programming as a DIY project, we will never miss any step, to ensure your garage door serves you as it should.

Universal Garage Door Keypad Service Is Only The Beginning

Apart from providing Lynnwood, WA 98087 residents with impeccable universal garage door keypad services, we sort out many other garage door issues.

Our scope of work falls under the following

·        Opener Repair

A broken universal garage door keypad is not the only thing that may cause your garage door opener not to work as required. A disrupted power supply and blocked photo-eye path are some factors that cause an opener not to function correctly.

Since this needs technical repair, it is advisable to call an expert garage door service provider.

·        Spring Replacement

Astounding as it may, this tiny gadget is of utmost importance. A spring allows you to lift your garage door easily. Without it, it is difficult or sometimes impossible to open.

As such, we do spring replacement at affordable prices to help facilitate smooth entry into your garage.

·        Off-Track Repairs

Off-track garage doors are an emergency crisis as the door is inoperable in this state and, therefore, a safety hazard. When your garage door goes off track, call a garage door expert immediately. Attempting to salvage the situation might cause more harm to the door, resulting in a complete garage door replacement.

Why Choose Us?

At Ed Garage Door Repair, we have certified technicians trained in offering trustworthy universal garage door keypad services, among others. Since we have been in the locksmith industry for more than a few years, we are aware of a wide array of garage door challenges. Considering that most garage door issues are classified as emergencies, we strive to arrive at your Lynnwood, WA 98087 residence within approximately 20 minutes. However, these times will slightly vary, depending on your proximity.

Be sure we will handle your pain points with professionalism and offer maintenance advice to prevent future accidents. We care about your safety and convenience, that’s why we offer swift responses to your requests.

Call us today!

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