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Automatic Door Opener Installation – Epitome Of Customer Satisfaction

Ed Garage Door Repair offers automatic door opener installation. We specifically deal with mighty mule garage door opener installation. When you arrive home, it’s pleasurable to see opening your door automatically and avoiding rain in autumn and cold in winter. Our automatic door opener installation offers a high level of satisfaction to those who have ordered it. According to research majority of the people in different parts of the world have now switched to automatic door opener installation. Therefore, an automatic door opener is a very popular accessory. We offer a wide range of accessories such as: remote controls, motion detectors, keyless entry keypads and wall control panels that can meet everyone’s needs. Long considered a luxury item, the garage door opener is now accessible, affordable, safe and easy to install. All you have to do is identify your needs, choose the model that will suit your garage door and take advantage of it

In short with the quality and variety of products available on the market, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could not want a garage door opener! This holiday season, it will make a great gift for mom or dad … Happy shopping at Ed Garage Door Repair.

Automatic Door Opener Installation – Selection Tips

There are 3 models of residential door opener. Each opener has its advantages.

The first is the chain drive model: more than 70% of the door openers sold in the market are chain systems. It is a chain device that raises and lowers the door. This type of opener is reliable, durable, efficient and inexpensive. However, this system is a bit noisier than the belt model. It is therefore ideal in places where the garage is detached from the house.

There is also a belt drive model: this system is the smoothest and quietest. It is made from a very sturdy rubber strap that lifts the door. This device is the best on the market, thanks to its power and reliability. This system is ideal when the garage is attached to the house or under a bedroom.

There is also a rack-and-pinion drive model. This model is ideal for doors that open in one piece. The opening speed is also a little slower than the other models.

Automatic Door Opener Installation – Balanced Security

Your door is the largest movable thing in your home and it is important to ensure that it is safe. To do this, several accessories have been developed. Manual opening handles in case of power failure, motion detection system, locking device, combinations of codes and automatic shutdown. In addition, in recent years, all door openers have been fitted with reversing safety detectors. This is a beam of light that stops the door and reverses its movement if a person or object is in its path. Make sure the detectors are plugged in and properly aligned. In particular, do not allow children to play with the opener.

Automatic Door Opener Installation – Have It Your Way

If you decide to add an electric garage door opener to an existing door, it is important to check the mechanism thoroughly. There may be times when your garage door is poorly adjusted, which can put unnecessary strain on your motor. It is important to have your door serviced or to have it done by professionals. In the case of a new door, you won’t have any problems since it will work well with any type of garage door opener. We at Ed Garage Door Repair have experts who will help you make a concrete decision on how you want your automatic door opener installation done.

Automatic Door Opener Installation – Compliance Is Our Mission

Climatic conditions may cause small changes in the operation of the door. It is therefore important to check your opener regularly. To verify this, operate the door manually. The garage door must be balanced correctly. If it is out of balance or if it forces, seek the services of a specialist for immediate repair. So, if you live in areas where the climate is somehow favorable, we recommend that you do mighty mule garage door opener installation.

Automatic Door Opener Installation – Versed With Latest Technology

Automatic door opener installation has a very big advantage. Used in all sectors of activity, the automatic door significantly manages the large flows of users.

  • Technical characteristics
  • Fastest opening on the market (2m / s)
  • Universal motor group
  • Cross training arm system
  • Three-phase AC motor without gearbox
  • The direction of rotation and the speed of the leaves are determined by a magnetic encoder
  • Continuous and persuasive self-control thanks to a diagnosis on the digital screen
  • Connection of one or 2 cubicle barriers in order to maintain optimum safety
  • Panic battery in continuous charge and permanent opening function in case of emergency
  • Spontaneous safety reopening
  • Possibility of independently adjusting the most important parameters such as opening speed, closing speed or the opening pause time.
  • Presence of a running rail which ensures smooth and silent operation.
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