mighty mule garage door opener installation - mighty mule garage door opener installation

Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener Installation – More Than Just Security.

At the moment, automation is an indispensable component of modern everyday life, performing a huge number of functions, making life much easier and saving a lot of time. A mighty mule garage door opener installation ensures one cannot bypass the operation of closing and opening sectional doors, which are part of the fence, leading to a garage or industrial premises.

The main functions

  • Delimitation of private and public areas;
  • Providing the possibility of entering the territory;
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry to the site or premises;
  • Hiding privacy from strangers;
  • Create an attractive look.
  • Constructive components of automation.

Mighty mule garage door opener installation, and installation of special mechanisms allows, without exerting physical efforts, the effective control of garage doors. For this, a remote control is used, which, for example, allows you not to leave the car in inclement weather.

Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener Installation – Automation Keeps Your Property Safe

The mighty mule garage door opener installation process is carried out using an electric motor and specialized mechanisms, which are complemented by the following devices:

  • Photocells block the operation of the electric drive when an obstacle is detected in the path of movement of the web;
  • Remote antenna expands the radius of the remote control;
  • End sensors regulate the amplitude of the web movement;
  • Signal lamp, the burning of which indicates the operation of the automation.
  • Features of the selection of devices for sectional doors.

The door leaf in a garage door opener installation consists of individual panels, which are metal plates with an interlayer of polyurethane foam between them. This design provides the highest degree of strength and tightness. Mighty mule garage door opener installation allows you to save space, since when opened, the door leaf moves into the space under the ceiling.

Ed Garage Door Repair specialists in the selection of the automatic garage door opener installation and additional accessories that ensure the safety and correct functioning of the opening / closing mechanism, rely on the following features:

  • Panel dimensions and canvas weight. Usually, the manufacturer in the marking indicates the exact technical characteristics of the actuator, so no calculations are required. The following parameters depend on the area of ​​the structure: gear ratio of rotations, motor power.
  • Installation of additional options. These include photocells, signal lamps, remote antennas.
  • Possibility of switching the mechanism to manual control. This function is provided for a power outage situation. It is not installed in every model. Transfer to another type of control allows you to manually move the canvas when the automation is turned off.
  • Automation manufacturer. It is advisable to give preference to products that have proven themselves well among consumers. The best brands are now considered:

Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener Installation – Main Automatic Mechanisms

There are several types of structures of mechanisms – a certain type of device is selected based on the purpose of the gate.

Bulk drive for garage doors

Bulk drive

A system equipped with a bulk drive is characterized by the possibility of high utilization of the device and the highest power. The mechanism is intended for large gates, usually installed not in individual construction, but in industrial enterprises. The principle of the mechanism is quite elementary. The mighty mule garage door opener installation is done on one end of the torsion shaft and by means of mechanical force moves the curtain, opening the gate as a result. The automatic garage door opener installation is complemented by a reinforced chain mechanism that can be manually started in the event of a power outage.

Ceiling drive

Another type of mechanism is a ceiling-type device. This type of automatic systems is used to control the gates of an individual garage. The power of the mechanism is sufficient to control a small size blade. The cost of the device is significantly lower than the price of a mechanism with a bulk motor. The ceiling-type mechanism operates in a fundamentally different way from the previous system. In this case, the mighty mule garage door opener installation is done in the center of the ceiling at a distance of several meters from the opening. The canvas moves due to the automatic mechanism for moving the metal rope, fixed by means of a traction lever at the top of the structure.

Ceiling drive for garage doors

The ceiling system is much easier to install and operate than the installation and use of an industrial bulkhead device.

Both types of mechanisms are equipped with a security system. Due to the built-in locking disc, which is triggered in an emergency or in the event of unexpected interference. This mechanism will prevent damage to your vehicle or harm to your loved ones.

Both types of systems are capable of being operated manually. For this, a mighty mule garage door opener installation is done and handles are installed. Bulk unit and ceiling system can be set to self-locking.

Ceiling mechanisms are usually installed in the private sector – they are designed for a not too significant weight of the canvas and a low intensity of use. A device with a bulk mechanism, on the other hand, is much more powerful and can withstand very intense operating conditions. Therefore, Ed Garage Door Repair uses such systems mainly in industrial conditions, often in rather complex ones

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