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Changing Garage Door Opener—Top Reasons For Doing It

Openers for garage doors are fairly basic systems that appear to last for a long time. The average life expectancy is ten to fifteen years, but you can get twenty years or more out of a decent garage door opener if you ensure the upkeep of the springs and rollers. However, there are several reasons to consider changing garage door opener, even if yours still works perfectly.

There are plenty of advantages of garage door opener replacement, even if your opener is only a few years old. For example, today, some openers on the market come with an advanced remote garage door opener. Additionally, the new models provide enhanced protection, stability, and convenience. These advantages should be enough to convince you to seriously consider changing garage door opener. If you’re still not convinced about replacing your existing garage door opener, then the following x reasons for changing garage door opener may convince you to do otherwise.

Increased Safety

Today, the major issue with older openers is that they do not provide the enhanced protection that is offered by the newer models. A modern garage door opener comes with features that are exclusive in the industry. An example of these features is the new and improved sensors. If these sensors detect an item or a person under the door, the opener will work in the opposite way to prevent injuries. This alone is a good enough reason for changing garage door opener.

Get Rid Of Squeaking Or Grinding Noise

When the door of your garage opens and closes with a squeaking or loud grinding sound, your neighbors, pets, and sleeping children can be very disturbed. While the mechanical noise may indicate that maintenance is needed, it may also point to imminent failure.

Often, if noisy chain drives control your garage door opener, this is a sign that you have an older model.  In contrast to chain drive models, modern models utilize belt drives that are less noisy, easier to mount and, need less space. All of this makes changing garage door opener a no brainer. If your loud, squeaky garage door is starting to become an embarrassment for you, then you should call in the experts at Ed Garage Door Repair to replace the existing garage door opener within a day.

Improved Functionality

This is probably one of the biggest reasons for changing garage door opener. Not only do newer models provide a wider range, but they also provide excellent efficiency and security. For example, some of them have new features like mobile integration and battery backup. For the increased discomfort, some still offer a dedicated app. Even if you are not at home, you can remotely control your garage door using the app.

You will always have the power to track and regulate your garage door, irrespective of where you are in this world. That’s because these modern garage door openers have a feature that enables you to do so as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Besides, there is a feature in the newer models that allows you to shut the garage door after a specific period. For example, you can set the garage door to close after a couple of minutes have passed.

Keypad Entry

Keypads that could be installed outside the garage were not supported by older garage door openers. This practical function helps you to type a code into the keyboard that unlocks the garage door. There is no need for any keys.

You might be able to buy a keypad with your current garage door opener to install. If that is not possible, then upgrading to a newer garage door opener would be a good option. By changing garage door opener with help from Ed Garage Door Repair, you will eliminate the need for keys to unlock your garage door. There’s no forgetting or losing garage door keys anymore.

Less Maintenance Needed

The final reason for changing garage door opener is lowering the need for maintenance. You can expect to perform a variety of maintenance activities with an old garage door opener. The biggest issue with this is that you will be spending a whole lot of money on maintaining the garage door.

Additionally, a lot of your precious time will be wasted on things that add no value to your life. Therefore, to save both precious time and money, you should be considering replacing your existing garage door opener if you haven’t changed it for many years.

Changing Garage Door Opener With Assistance From Ed Garage Door Repair In Lynnwood Today

If your existing garage door opener is not working as it should, then it would be a good idea to contact a garage door opener replacement service like Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood. We have expertise in changing garage door openers and should be the first choice for those who want to replace existing garage door openers. Contact us now for more information.

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