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Fix Garage Door Opener – How to Do It

Having trouble opening the garage door all the way? Is your garage door not working with a remote? Or your garage door won’t simply open? Often, these problems can be fixed with a bit of DIY work. You can normally avoid an expensive service call with a little repair and get your garage door opener functioning again in no time.

The source of the issue is typically easily understandable when your garage door opener unexpectedly stops working properly, and the remedy is usually very simple. In other words, you can fix garage door opener problems yourself, at least some of them. The following are some common issues with garage door opener and how to fix them.

Issues With The Garage Door

Sometimes, to fix garage door opener problems, you need to examine your garage door for issues. Pull the emergency release cord and raise the door to see whether it opens and shuts easily when the door is locked. The fault is with your springs, rollers, and tracks and not your opener if it doesn’t.

If you’re attempting to ascertain the problem and then fix it, make sure you work with the door down. If a broken door spring is a problem with the opener of your garage door and you pull the emergency release cord while the door is in the elevated position, the door will collapse. If you don’t want to hurt yourself, make sure to unplug the opener before performing any investigation or repair work to fix garage door opener problems.

Opener Fails To Work With Either The Wall Switch Or The Remote Control

When the garage door does not move at all when you’re pressing the remote or wall button, the power source is most likely to have been interrupted in some way. The most common issue, as with most such cases, is the most straightforward one: the motor unit has been disconnected. This problem can occur in both manual and smart, programmable garage door opener.

Start by inspecting the socket where the door opener is wired in and make sure that the cable is completely plugged in. The GFCI outlet, fuse, or breaker driving the door opener circuit might have burned out or tripped. If you notice that there is no other lighting or electronic components in the garage, this is the probable trigger, and the GFCI or breaker will need to be reset or the burned-out fuse will have to be replaced.

If the circuit GFCI or circuit breaker regularly trips, it is a warning that somewhere in the device—that includes the garage door opener—a short circuit is present. Finally, it is likely that the motor of the garage door opener has burnt out and is not working at all. These are issues that you need to solve to fix garage door opener.

Blocked Photo Eye

This is another issue that needs resolving to fix garage door opener. The majority of the garage doors manufactured during the previous fifteen to twenty years have a picture eye that senses if a person or thing is preventing the door from descending. For most doors, the picture eye would be about four to six inches above the ground, with an eye that is around the size of a pea. It fires a laser around the height of the garage that will block off the signal used to lower and lift the door if disturbed. Scan to see whether the cord connected to the eye is torn or impaired; sometimes, the picture eye may be compromised by a leak or rainstorm. Dust particles can pollute the eye and obstruct the laser beam. So, this problem can often be overcome by careful wiping with a tissue. That is how easy it is to fix garage door opener problems.

Motor Keeps Running Even After The Garage Door Is Open

An uncommon problem that needs to be solved to fix garage door opener is the motor running even after the garage door is open. When this uncommon issue arises, the up-limit switch possibly needs to be pushed away from the engine unit. It is uncommon for this issue to surface abruptly; if it arises at all, when you first mount the garage door opener, it will normally be found. So, make sure you look for it to fix garage door opener as soon as the problem occurs.

Fix Garage Door Opener With Help From Ed Garage Door Repair In Lynnwood

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, then it would be a good idea to fix garage door opener with help from a specialist like Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood. We have expertise in fixing garage door opener problems and should be the first choice for those who want to repair their garage door openers. Contact us now for more information.

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