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Before installing a garage door coil spring, you need to understand the parts used for door spring installation. Those who understand the parts used for door spring installation can easily install garage door coil springs.

Door spring installation requires different steps. Each step is of unique importance if you follow the stepwise given below, then it would be easier to do door spring installation.

  1. Completely close or open the door of the garage in the first step. This will provide ease of indoor spring installation. The reason is when a garage door is open or close, then the tension in the springs reduces up to a certain level. This reduction in spring tension helps indoor spring installation with any danger.
  2. Once you close the door of the garage, then grip the slides of a garage door. This will not allow any movement to a garage door while working for door spring installation. Closing the garage door for door spring installation in safe because the closed-door does not cause any injury.
  3. Now take a spring and pass the cable’s free end within the anchor plate through the extension spring slide.
  4. Attach one end of the spring from the rear hanger bar with the help of an attachment hook. Remember installing safety cable garage door spring is necessary. If Door springs are installed without a safety cable, then it might cause injury. Installing safety cables along with a garage door should be the priority.
  5. Attach the safety cable anchor plate to the slotted angle bracket. Remember that the attachment point should be close to the stationary pulley. The reason is that it will not interfere with the spring or extension cable.
  6. For installation of extension cable thread, the opening end of the adjustment plate and knot it with the plate. There are three holes in the adjustment plate. Use two holes and make a knot of cable with the adjustment plate.
  7. In the third hole of the adjustment, the plate put a hook. Two holes of adjustment plate are used for a knot of cable. Whereas, one hole is used to attach an S-shaped hook.
  8. Now attach spring pulley on another side of spring with the help of U-bracket. Thread up the extension cable through the spring pulley. Make sure that the extension cable is not twisted.
  9. As Spring pulley is attached with the spring with the help of U bracket indoor spring installation. Remember the U-bracket is bolted with the spring pulley and it is easily detachable.
  10. Slotted angle bracket when moves to the front of the door. Then pull the extension cable and tight it from both sides. This extension cable is attached with a slotted angle bracket with the help of an S-Shaped hook.

Door spring installation is simple because it does not fix both sides at the same time. Change one spring of the garage door and move towards the other is a simple method for installing door springs.

Installation Of Safety Cables Door Springs

The safety of human beings is of number priority. Therefore, there are safety cables in the garage door also. These cables are threaded through the springs of garage doors. In case of door spring fracture or woundedness safety cables of a door, spring came into action and protected objects below the garage door. If a garage door is open, and there will be no safety cable setup, then a sudden garage door failure may cause injury. Thus, for garage doors, spring installation safety cables are of great importance.

If the door spring of your garage is broken, then the garage door opens or close but not like it was before. Garage door coil springs maintain the balance of the garage door. If the garage door is open, it will stay open with the garage door spring. If garage door springs are broken, then it may cause a sudden closing of a garage door. In this case, if there will be no garage door safety cable, then it causes severe injury. The garage door is hefty, so that’s why it causes danger in case of spring failure.


If the hands of a professional place garage door springs, then it might provide smooth working. If you are in Lynnwood, WA 98087 and want door spring installation, our services are available. Ed Garage Door Repair installs garage door springs in Lynnwood, WA 98087. We also replace the springless garage door with spring garage doors. We have fine professionals that can do any garage door spring installation. Our professionals will provide you with excellent work within less time and with higher accuracy.

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