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Installing Garage Springs – Nothing But The Very Best Of Springs

Generally, garage door springs come in different colours depending upon the weight of the door of the garage. These colours allow for easy identification. Before installing garage springs, you must learn which coloured spring can bear how much weight.

Following are the specification of garage springs depending upon the colour of spring.

  • A spring with minimum weight absorption capacity is green coloured spring. This spring can bear door weight between 115-125lbs.
  • Blue coloured spring can bear door weight between 135-145 lbs.
  • Purple coloured spring can bear door weight between 155-165 lbs.
  • Yellow-coloured spring can bear door weight between 175-185 lbs. This is the highest weight absorbing spring for garage doors.

For garage door spring replacement, check the color of the spring and replace the same coloured spring. These coloured springs will provide ease in garage door springs installation.

Identification Of Garage Spring Based On Diameter:

What if the spring of your garage door does not contain any colour? For this, you have to measure the diameter of the spring. Each spring can bear different tension depending on the diameter.

Following are specifications of springs along with spring diameter and door weight

  • If the diameter of spring is 13.34 inches, then it can bear 115-125lbs. This is the lightest tension bearer spring for a garage door.
  • If the diameter of spring is 1.50 inches, then it can bear 135-145lbs.
  • If the diameter of spring is 1.60 inches, then it can bear 155-165 lbs.
  • If the diameter of spring is 1.75 inches, then it can bear 175-185 lbs. This is the heaviest tension bearer spring for a garage door.

In this case of garage door spring replacement. First, you have to measure the door spring’s diameter and then measure the garage’s weight. This method will provide ease with indoor spring installation.

Installation Of Garage Springs:

Installing garage springs is not easy. It requires special tools, focus and a lot of time. So here are some tools for installing garage springs:

  • Vice grips.
  • A locking plier.
  • A tape.
  • Socket wrenches.
  • A Phillips screwdriver.

Following Are The Steps For Installing Garage Springs

  1. First, Open the garage door completely they will reduce tension in the springs of the garage door.
  2. Then lock the garage door in this open position by the help of vice grips and disengage the electric door opener.
  3. Now take a spring and pass the cable’s free end with the anchor plate trough the extension spring slide.
  4. Slide the spring along the safety cable and hook the spring’s end to the rear hanger bar’s attachment hook.
  5. Attach the safety cable anchor plate to the slotted angle bracket. Remember that the attachment point should be close to the stationary pulley. The reason is that it will not interfere with the spring or extension cable.
  6. The opening end of the adjustment plate and knot it with the plate for installation of extension cable thread. There are three holes in the adjustment plate. Use two holes and make a knot of cable with the adjustment plate.
  7. Also, put a hook on the third hole of the adjustment plate.
  8. Now attach spring pulley on another side of spring by the help of U-bracket. Thread up the extension cable through spring pulley. Make sure that the extension cable is not twisted.
  9. Fastened the spring pulley with U bracket using axle bolt.
  10. Move the slotted angle bracket at the front of the door. Pull the extension cable until it is tense and attach the S-shaped hook to the slotted angle bracket.

Install springs of garage stepwise. First, install one side of garage spring and then move to another side. This provides ease in installing garage springs.

Adjustment After Installing Garage Springs:

After installing garage springs each spring need adjustment for equal tension of spring. Equal tension in spring will help in the balance of the garage door. For equal tension in springs adjust the tension cable from both sides of the door. Now close the door. If the door opens automatically, then it means that there is too much tension in spring. Lose the tension cable; this will reduce springs tension. If the door closes automatically, it means that there is no tension in spring. Now tight the tension cable.

In Lynwood, WA 98087 Ed Garage Door Repair provides services for installing garage springs. Above are some instruction for successful installing garage springs. Within Lynwood, WA 98087, we can repair every garage door will accuracy and within less time.


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