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Installing New Garage Door Springs – Let Us Perform Magic With Your Doors!

There are many parts of the garage door that works along with garage door springs.  Therefore, for installing garage springs, you must understand other parts of a garage door. This will help in easy installing new garage door springs.

Following is the list of parts that are needed to understand before installing new garage door springs.

Vertical Bar

The vertical bar is supporting the garage door with a ceiling of the garage. This holds the structure of the garage door. Frame and garage spring are both attached with a vertical bar. The tension force from the spring is bear by the vertical bar.

Front Hanger Bar

A stationary pulley is attached with the front hanger bar. This hanger bar bears the force applied to the pulley with the help of a cable.

Spring Pulley

For installing new garage door springs, a spring pulley is of major importance. This spring pulley is attached with garage springs with a U-bracket and an axel bolt. This pulley provides support while installing garage springs. A cable from a stationary pulley threaded up through the spring pulley. When tension occurs in spring, then it is absorbed by the spring pulley.

Pulleys that are ideal for installing garage springs are 3 or 4 inches. You can select any of these for installing new garage door springs.

Attachment Hook

The attachment hook is used to develop contact between the garage spring and vertical bar. From one side stationary pulley is supporting the garage spring. The attachment hook is supporting the spring from another side with the help of a hanger bar.

Slotted Angle Bracket.

A slotted angle bracket is a bar with S-hook. Extension cable and safety cable connecting the S hook and cable lengths adjusting plates are the extension cable.

Safety Cable

A safety cable passes through the garage spring. This cable provides safety to garage doors. This cable protects in case of breaking of garage spring. It might be possible that little fracture in spring causes major failure of spring. The major failure of spring might cause injury. Therefore, safety provides protection when spring fails.

Installation Of Garage Springs:

Installing new garage door springs is not easy. It requires special tools, focus, and a lot of time. So here are some tools for installing garage springs.

Vice grips.

A locking plier.

A tape.

Socket wrenches.

A Phillips screwdriver.

Following are the steps for installing new garage door springs.

First, open the garage door completely; they will reduce tension in the garage door’s springs.  This is the first step towards installing a new garage door spring. If there is no tension in springs, then spring is easy to install.

Then lock the garage door in this open position with the help of vice grips and disengage the electric door opener.

Now take a spring and pass the cable’s free end with the anchor plate through the extension spring slide.

Slide the spring along the safety cable and hook the spring’s end to the attachment hook on the rear hanger bar.

Attach the safety cable anchor plate to the slotted angle bracket. Remember that the attachment point should be close to the stationary pulley. The reason is that it will not interfere with the spring or extension cable.

For installation of extension cable thread, the opening end of the adjustment plate and knot it with the plate. There are three holes in the adjustment plate. Use two holes and make a knot of cable with the adjustment plate.

Also, put a hook on the third hole of the adjustment plate.

Now attach spring pulley on another side of spring with the help of U-bracket. Thread up the extension cable through the spring pulley. Make sure that the extension cable is not twisted.

Fastened the spring pulley with a U bracket using an axle bolt.

Move the slotted angle bracket at the front of the door. Pull the extension cable until it is tense and attach the S-shaped hook to the slotted angle bracket.

Install springs of garage stepwise. First, install one side of the garage spring and then move to another side. This provides ease in installing new garage door springs.

Accuracy In Garage Door Spring Installation:

In Lynwood, WA 98087, Ed Garage Door Repair provides services for installing new garage door springs. Above are some instructions for successfully installing garage springs. In Lynwood, WA 98087, we can install every garage door with accuracy and less time.

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