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Garage Door Rust Why Have I Got It And How To Avoid It

Even if your door is rustproof, rust can still develop. To find the right solution, you need to first work out what is causing the rust in the first place. Most times you just need to look where you are located and how the door is looked after to work out what is causing the garage door rust. Whether you have a cookie-cutter door or custom garage doors Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087 can offer advice on what to do when you see rust.

When it comes to modern aluminium garage doors, washing them regularly can help a lot.

Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind:

Look Around You

Think about where you are located. If you live near the water to you are going to end up with moisture issues, which can lead to garage door rust.  Those that are located near salt water will be at risk for damage that is caused by the salt.

Other Causes Of Garage Door Rust Can Be:

  • Garages that are near locations that use the excess salt for de-icing snow.
  • Homes that are located near industrial areas and places where the raw material is being stored.

While you might not be in those circumstances to experience garage door rust, you can still suffer garage door rust. Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087  often receives calls about rust damage, and they will do their best to attempt to find the problem and diagnose the rust.

One worry for homeowners is the orange/yellow coating from pollen that comes out in spring. When this type of pollen ends up sitting on garage doors, it can actually be mistaken for rust.

The Paintwork

When talking garage door rust resistance of a garage door, you need to enquire about how the door is painted and what materials were used. Many manufacturers use a process that involves one coat of the primer, and then it goes into a multi-stage paint process where the paint is actually baked on. In some places, there is a law where a coating of zinc must be used to galvanize the steel and protect it from things such as rust. If you have a different door than what you got with the garage, then you need to find out whether it was painted by the homeowner or an expert company and find out the process and materials used.

If the surface of your garage door has been damaged like cracked paint or a puncture within the steel, you can develop garage door rust as the protective coating is most likely ruined by the damage.

Washing Your Garage Doors

People often forget all about cleaning their garage doors. When you have a think, so much dirt and grime is able to build up on the garage doors after a while. This can be either from working in the garage, outside elements, and the usual operation of the doors.
Check for oil spots when you are washing your doors as this can indicate that a driver chain has been lubricated too much.

When trying to avoid garage door rust think about using regular soap and water to wash your door with. Dish detergent is a go as it has a degreaser in it. People tend to think using a pressure washer will clean very well, but in fact you should not be using a pressure washer on your door. Just using your regular hose with the shower setting is perfect. High pressure sprays like the jet setting can damage the paint surface and cause garage door rust.

What If I Have Found Rust?

When you spot rust, the good news is that most times, it is only small spots that often appear to be there and often come from another source. If your door is close to the street, you might see little specks of garage door rust on the lower part of the door as they are most exposed to dirt, water, and salt.

If you are worried about rust Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087  are happy to come and check out the garage doors and see whether the rust is severe or minor. If the rust is severe, you might consider getting a door replacement.

Try to aim to wash your garage door at least twice a year. If you live in salty areas or more polluted areas, then you will need to do it more often. Wash each season is a good idea to get rid of all the surface dirt and grime for that season. The garage door professional will let you know if you require wax to ensure the shine is kept.

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