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Modern Garage Doors Are Part Of Your Routine

A garage door is used daily, most times several times a day. You can have modern garage doors that are functional and can also be a statement piece. If you have an aging garage door, contact Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087, who are trained in replacing and installing new garage doors. If your old door just looks dull and doesn’t give your home the wow factor anymore, consider upgrading to garage doors that come in the design and style that you like. Wooden garage doors are great for adding value to your home and attracting people when trying to sell your home. Modern wood garage doors can be matched to your existing elements like shutters, siding color, architectural elements, or windows. The garage doors from Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087 offer weatherproof and sturdy doors that are going to last you.

Different Types Add Character

If you like the modern garage doors, then think about an all-glass door that has tempered glass panes that aren’t limited to being used for just storing the car. With plenty of natural light flowing through, it can be added to a sunroom, patio, or even an office area. Ed Garage Door Repair Lynnwood, WA, 98087 has different designs like rustic or colonial modern garage doors that are modern enough for homes today but still give you a taste of American History.

Another great feature of the modern garage doors is adding windows for character or dimension. Garage doors can have vertical or horizontal alignment with many pane choices to suit the amount of light you want and for the purpose of the room.

You can start to add to the features such as over the door pergolas, accent lighting, and decorative hardware, which can all add to the theme of the room being used with modern garage doors.

Inspections Are Important Every Six Months

It is essential that you understand how important it is to regularly check all the parts are working correctly. Twice a year is enough, but more so if you can is ideal. Carrying out checks will ensure that your garage door is working as it should be, and it isn’t ready to cause any accidents soon. Modern garage doors are actually designed to counterbalance weight, so if you notice something isn’t right with the garage door, you can always contact the garage door team, who will come and inspect the problem and offer the best solution.

Things You Can Do Yourself

Visually Inspect

You can check the overall door system by standing in the garage and closing the door. Look for certain things such as:

  • Are torsion springs intact if you have them?
  • Are the rollers working ok and rolling as they should be?
  • Check the extension springs!
  • Are the horizontal tracks aligned?
  • Are there loose bolts and screws?
  • Is the door making weird noises?

Is The Door Balanced?

Modern garage doors work on counteract weight systems. Most doors you should be able to lift by yourself easily. It is important to have a balanced door as it can prevent serious injury. Again, if you are unsure, the team is happy to assist with checking that your door is perfectly in line.

Checking The Mechanical Reverse

This is what prevents the modern garage doors from closing on items in their way, such as children, toys, or vehicles. To make sure all is in order you can put a piece of wood in the way and try to shut the door. Modern garage doors should reverse automatically if something is in their way. If it doesn’t and keeps shutting, then the door openers sensitivity is out and will need a professional to make adjustments. This is dangerous due to the door can close on children, pets, and cars.

Photo-eye Reversal

This is another great feature on the garage doors. Just like the reversal system, this is there to avoid the door shutting on things in its path.  The difference to the mechanical reversal system is that the photo-eye system uses light beams to work out whether something is in the door’s way. You can check this yourself by running your hand in front of the light unit that is located on the side of the doors as it is closing. Once the light beam is broken, the door should reverse. If this doesn’t occur, something is most likely out of alignment. It’s an easy fix for the team who know what they are doing.

Contact the friendly garage door experts when you are considering installing a door, need replacements, or something is not working correctly. Even if the team didn’t install the door, they are happy to fix the problem occurring.

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