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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement – Have It Done Your Way!

Have you ever had any garage door torsion spring replacement issues? A garage door torsion spring replacement is one of the most significant components of the garage door system. With other parts, the torsion spring allows you to open and close your door with ease.

Of course, your garage door springs will wear out after some years of constant use. But, the garage door takes a long time to fail; when it does, you must replace the spring without delay. Meanwhile, let’s discuss what causes the garage door springs to fail before time and how to replace them.

Torsion Springs Vs. Extension Springs

  • Torsion Spring: Many people in Lynnwood use this type of door spring system. The torsion spring is installed horizontally right above the door opening. Meanwhile, the Power from the tightly wound coils helps to raise the door.
  • Extension Spring: These spring types also use energy stored in the wound coils to raise the door. Extension springs are installed at the corners of the door and extend to close the door.

How To Know A Faulty Garage Door Spring?

Garage door springs allow you to close and open your garage door, keeping it balanced. Snapped torsion springs produce a loud noise, frequent door slams, and becomes harder to lift.

Notice any of these signs? It means you need a garage door spring replacement.

  • Space and rust between torsion spring: Once you notice gaps or rust in the spring, it means you need to replace the spring immediately.
  • Garage door bent at the top: A snapped spring concentrates the door’s weight at the top, causing it to shift as you try to open it.
  • The door becomes jerky: Your door jerks and fails to open smoothly once either of the two springs breaks.
  • Emergency rope fails: If the cannot sustain or open the door, it shows you need a garage door torsion spring replacement.
  • Noise when opening and closing: When your opener makes noise when trying to open, then the springs might fail.
  • Inability to open: Another visible sign of a failing spring is if you exert much force to open the garage door.
  • Violent door slam: The garage door slams forcefully once the spring breaks.

You should request the services of experienced technicians in Ed Garage Door Repair once you find these symptoms. They will inspect your garage door, spot the problems, and suggest a solution.

Tips On Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Here are things to consider when you consider garage door torsion spring replacement.

  • Stay safe: If the spring is broken; but the garage door is open, don’t takeout the opener to prevent the door slam. But block the door if you must keep it open.
  • More than one spring: You can replace one spring, but ensure the door opens evenly after replacing both springs.
  • Type of Spring: Check the existing spring, mark them to ensure you don’t replace it with another.
  • Safety cables: These cables sustain your garage door if the springs break.

How Long Does It Take A Garage Door Torsion Spring To Break?

As mentioned earlier, garage doors are made of high-quality materials and take a long time to break if well-installed. With that, rest assured you won’t spend too often on garage door torsion maintenance. Like cars and other equipment, garage door spring becomes weaker with frequent use.

Meanwhile, it takes about 20,000 cycles before your torsion spring develops issues. In other words, your door spring will last for 14 years if operated twice a day. If you open the door up to six times in one day, it’ll have a five-year lifespan. How soon you need garage door torsion spring replacement is dependent on the frequency of use.

How Long Does Each Replacement Session Last?

Are you planning to replace your door spring but don’t know how long it takes? Garage door torsion spring replacement by Ed Garage Door Repair experts doesn’t take much time. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete to replace a garage door spring.

Sometimes the damage could be much; hence, the garage door spring replacement session could be longer. Nevertheless, it’s part of our plan to tell you how long it will take to complete the task when visiting.

Where To Find The Best Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Service In Lynnwood?

If you need reliable garage door torsion spring replacement experts in Lynnwood, WA, contact Ed Garage Door Repair. That’s because we have the resources and tools to do the job. Our torsion spring installation professionals in Lynnwood have the experience needed to tackle issues and fix your garage door great.

While thinking about your garage door spring problems, Ed Garage Door Repair technicians are here to help. We strive to give the best services to our clients, giving them an unforgettable customer experience. Contact us anytime you want dependable garage door torsion spring replacement services in Lynnwood, WA.

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