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Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars – Best Of The Best

Your garage door has many parts that work together to ensure it opens and closes without any problem. One of the most significant components of your garage door is the torsion spring. These springs balance the door’s weight, making it easy to use. Meanwhile, your garage door torsion spring will fail to work as you use it often. To successfully repair the springs, you must get the garage door torsion spring winding bars handy.

What Is The Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars?

Fix your garage doors with the torsion spring winding bars. These tools come in lengths of 18, 24, and 36 inches, which you can choose per the door type. For instance, the 18-inches winding bars are perfect for residential garage doors. Meanwhile, the 24-inches and 36-inches models suit industrial garage doors as they have powerful torsion springs.

What’s more, bars with longer winding arms can wind and unwind stronger springs with less effort. Another vital aspect of the garage door torsion spring winding bars is the diameter.

Are There Consequences For Using The Wrong Winding Bar?

As said earlier, garage door torsion spring winding bars have come in different lengths and diameters. Failure to use the right bar size in the winding cone destroys the cone, leading to injury or death. Most torsion spring winding bars have up to two diameters, perfect for servicing different doors or cones. If your garage door spring is broken, you need a suitable winding bar size to restore it.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Broken; How Do I Lift It?

About leaving your house but soon discovers you can’t open your garage door? It means your garage door spring is faulty. Be pretty careful when opening a garage door with a broken spring, especially if it’s a commercial type. If it’s something you can handle, it would be best to ask your neighbor or friend for help. For your convenience, contact Ed Garage Door Repair professionals in Lynnwood, WA.

Follow these steps to lift the garage door if the spring is faulty:

  • Step One

Get two ladders and place each at the door sides.

  • Step Two

Place two pry bars on the floor through the door’s opening. Pull the bars up while grabbing the door.

  • Step Three

Lift the door gradually, clamp vice grips on both sides to make sure the door is balanced.

  • Step Four

After you’ve raised the door, place the ladders under the door, remove the clamps, and allow the door to rest on the ladders.

How Long Do Garage Door Torsion Spring Lasts?

Remember, the torsion spring is the component that allows you to open or close the garage door with less effort. If you have difficulty opening or closing the garage door, then there’s a torsion spring issue. Of course, it doesn’t take anything to spot a broken spring.

Routine inspection and maintenance of the door torsion springs prevent them from breaking. Then, replace the springs with new ones as the end of their useful life approaches. If you don’t change the garage door torsion springs on time, the damages could become more severe. Meanwhile, the garage door torsion spring winding bars are not useful when the spring snapped.

Your garage door torsion spring has a life expectancy of 20,000 cycles. That translates to 13.7 years if opened twice daily and 4.6 years if operated six times a day.

When To Replace Garage Door Torsion Spring?

Use the garage door torsion spring winding bars to fix your door issues. But how do you know if the garage door is faulty? Opt for garage door torsion spring replacement when the door:

  • Cannot move up or down
  • Is too heavy to lift
  • Make a loud sound
  • Doesn’t function, and
  • Notice a 2-inch gap in the torsion springs

Also, replace the garage door spring when the spring’s coil fails to contract and expand as before. Contact professionals in Lynnwood, WA if the spring’s broken, the shape becomes oblong instead of symmetrical. Ed Garage Door Repair technicians undergo regular training on how to handle the garage door torsion spring winding bars.

What Causes Garage Door Torsion Spring To Break?

Factors that contribute to garage door torsion spring’s failure are:

  • Excessive Pressure on the Spring – Garage doors with one torsion spring wears out faster than those with both on the sides. So, we recommend you install a double-spring door.
  • Rust – Another reason to consider buying garage door torsion spring winding bars for repairs is rust. Of course, corrosion destroys most metals, including a torsion spring. Besides, rust increases friction between the coils, making it harder to open the door. To reduce corrosion effects, inspect the garage door and lubricate the springs regularly.
  • Age – Among the reasons we’ve listed, the time has the greatest effect on garage door torsion springs. At most, a correctly installed garage door spring should last up to fourteen years. Like everything else in life, the springs’ life expectancy drops with time.

For inspection, maintenance, and replacement of springs using the garage door torsion spring winding bars, contact Ed Garage Door Repair today.

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