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Have you ever had the thought of knowing what happens when using a springless garage door? Are you still looking for the reason for the shaky or heavy garage door or loud slam heard? It suggests a need to replace the garage door spring.

One problem with many homeowners is that they don’t know how essential these springs are. Hence, they fail to take care of them, reducing their lifespan. Unfortunately, door springs can break, making the door difficult to move, trapping your vehicle outside or inside the garage. To encourage you to maintain your garage door springs, let’s learn about their types and importance. But first, let’s answer a few questions about the springless garage door and garage door springs.

What Exactly Is A Springless Garage Door?

Since all garage doors use springs, where does the term springless garage door comes from? Though there’s no garage door without springs; the term ‘springless garage door’ is associated with door springs that lose their elasticity. That means the springs no longer perform their functions of assisting in opening and closing of doors.

What Are Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs are metal coils that allow you to open and close the door. Besides acting as support, these springs balance the gravity force on the door. That means garage door springs absorb parts of the door’s weight, making it easier to carry.

Meanwhile, there are two most essential garage door springs today: extension and torsion types.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are positioned on the wall above the door. They provide balance and absorbs the pressure used in operating the garage door. A well-installed torsion spring mechanism makes the door easy to move, ensuring both sides open evenly. Most torsion springs are expected to last at least 7 years before they are replaced, but they sometimes fail before time.

Meanwhile, rebalance the garage door spring after two years of installation. If yours was installed during winter, rebalance it once it’s summer.

Extension Springs

Meanwhile, extension springs are mounted a few inches above the door track or on the sides. They use the springs’ force to keep the garage door in place (either closed or open position).

Tools Needed To Fix Garage Door Spring?

The task to fix a springless garage door involves:

  • Step ladder
  • Vice grips
  • Wrench
  • Need the winding bars to tune the torsion.

Getting The Right Replacement Spring

To get a spring that suit your garage door from Ed Garage Door Repair:

  • Measure the spring’s length and internal diameter.
  • Get the wire size by measuring ten coils and divide the value by 10.
  • Send the results to your supplier.

Importance Of Garage Door Spring

Before we show you who to call to fix springless garage door problems in your home, let’s see the usefulness of the garage door spring.

  • Keeps You Safe – Garage doors are heavy and extremely dangerous if it falls on someone. What do you think keeps them from falling? Springs. Of course, a springless garage door cannot sustain heavy objects. The doors move smoothly through the tracks using the energy in the springs.
  • Protects You When The Motor Fails – You may not appreciate a garage door spring until the garage motor malfunctions. When it happens, you might get confused about the next action to take. Of course, you have nothing to worry about if you’re not using a springless garage door. If your spring is in good condition, all you need to open the door is to disconnect the auto opener, then pull it up. You’ll be surprised at the ease with which the door opens. Thanks to the powerful springs which do the work.
  • Weather Protection – Getting out of cars during a heavy downpour is unnecessary if you have an auto garage door installed. Once the motor is on, the springs will lift the door for you to drive inside the parking lot.
  • Increases your home’s value – A well-maintained auto garage door will increase your property’s market value. On the other hand, a faulty garage door will scare buyers, decreasing your home’s market worth.

First Safety Step: Give A Quick Call To Action

Booking a garage door maintenance service in Lynwood, WA is pretty straightforward. Ed Garage Door Repair boasts competent hands who can fix garage door spring and make the function as new. Remember, you shouldn’t wait for spring to snap and cause some damages before seeking our services. Feel free to meet us for everything that concerns fixing your springless garage door.

Once you call, our team will arrive with the tools needed to fix the garage door spring. Our team will discuss the cost of repair and duration. Worth mentioning that Ed Garage Door Repair offers affordable and highly professional services. Our technicians are trained on various door spring issues, and no job is new to us. We will ask you a few questions for us to know the correct replacement spring for your door.

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