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Fix Garage Door Spring – We Know The Drill!

Many don’t see reasons to maintain or repair their garage door springs until things get out of hand. Besides, many don’t know the steps to take to fix garage door spring problems. But what’s the reason? One main reason is that some people don’t know the type of garage door spring installed. Remember, the spring on your garage door is like fuel in the vehicle. That means it’s almost impossible to use a garage door without springs.

Do you experience difficulties when you want to lift or lower your garage door? Heard a loud slam? If so, Ed Garage Door in Lynnwood will help to fix garage door spring problems.

What Are The Various Garage Door Springs For Sale?

Two main garage door springs are torsion and extension versions.

  • Extension springs are installed perpendicular to the garage door, sliding through the door tracks during operation. Energy builds in the coil when you close the garage door and releases the same when open. Most garage doors have double extension springs though you might also come across models with one.
  • Torsion Springs run parallel to the garage door, mounted on of the wall a few inches above the door. When you close or open the door, torsion springs uncoil to release the stored energy. Meanwhile, torsion springs are more difficult to repair; so, we recommend you call professionals.

Signs To Know It’s Time For Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door spring is expected to last about seven to eight years before replacement. But much of that depends on how well you use and maintain the door.

Now that we have learned a bit about door springs, let’s discuss the failure signs. Remember, Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood, WA has technicians to fix garage door spring issues, so; call our attention whenever you experience any trouble.

  • Springs becomes weak – Since springs do the bulk walk when raising or dropping garage doors, they lose strength with time. In other words, these springs get stretched, gradually losing their holding power. Meanwhile, you can test the springs to know their elasticity level.
  • Corrosion – Remember, how long a garage door spring lasts is dependent on timely maintenance. At Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood, WA we maintain and fix garage door spring issues. Signing up with us for regular inspection and maintenance will reduce the chances of corrosion. That said, finding rust on the springs suggests they might fail in no distant time.
  • Screeching sound – When your door makes a sound while lifting or closing it, start planning for a garage door spring replacement. Note that friction between the spring gaps causes the creaking sound. Lubricating the parts might slow down rust but can’t solve the damage; hence need for a garage door spring replacement.
  • Uneven opening of doors – If you use a two-spring garage door, and one side opens effortlessly than the other, it shows something is wrong. Call for Ed Garage Door Repair in Lynnwood, WA today whenever something goes wrong with your garage door.

We recommend you contact experts to fix garage door spring issues instead of doing it yourself.

How To Know Whether Your Garage Door Spring Is Weak?

  • Close the door and engage the emergency lever to free the door from the opener.
  • Lift the door manually, raising it to a chair height.
  • If it stays in that position, your garage door springs are in good condition.
  • But if it drops, the springs are weak and need a replacement.

Is Garage Door Spring Important?

  • Though motors raise and lower the garage doors, the fact is, the springs bear the entire load. In short, the garage door coil does the main lifting. That’s because the springs store a large amount of energy which, is released during operation.
  • Most people fail to understand the importance of the garage door springs, leaving them to rot. Meanwhile, the spring bears the door’s weight, which can reach up to 400 pounds. Energy stored on the springs allows the door to slide smoothly on its tracks. To get a glimpse of how heavy a door is, watch as it slams without spring fails.
  • More so, motorized garage door springs prevent us from stepping off our vehicles to open the door during heavy rain.
  • A well-maintained garage door is an excellent asset, adding extra value to your house. On the other hand, a poorly maintained garage door is like a death trap to homeowners and visitors.

Fix Garage Door Spring: Can They Make Your Home Safer?

Remember, you can’t trade the safety of life and property with faulty garage door springs. Looking for professionals who can fix garage door spring in Lynnwood, WA Ed Garage Door Repair is the answer. We’ve worked with many homeowners to fix garage door spring issues. Again, we understand that nowhere feels like home. So, we bring our skills, energy, resources, and equipment to fix garage door spring troubles to make your home is safe.

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