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Garage Door Without Springs – We Can Take Care Of It For Ya’!

When it comes to opening and closing your garage door, the spring is excellent. Of course, it’s pretty unsafe and dangerous to operate your garage door without springs. More so, learning about garage door spring types and why they break will save you from lots of troubles. So, let’s discuss how these unique door components work, including when and how to repair them.

What Garage Door Spring Do I Have?

Extension Springs

These types are found on both sides of the garage door track. Extension springs rely on pulleys and safety cables to expand or contract when operating the door.

Torsion Springs

Many homeowners use torsion springs because of their excellent load-bearing capacity. That means torsion springs can hold heavier doors without using safety cables. If the door is large, you need to install a two-model garage spring. Even so, one spring failing is almost like operating the garage door without springs.

No matter the spring type, the garage door coil spring allows you to lift and drop the door. When you want to raise the door, the springs release tension to assist. Meanwhile, more energy builds up when you’re closing the door. Your garage door spring might break when the door is closed.

On rare occasions, the spring may break when the door is open, causing it to slam violently. With that, it’s never safe to stay under an open garage door without springs to provide support.

Which Garage Door Springs Are Best?

Currently, we have two garage door springs on the market, which are torsion and extension models. Nevertheless, we recommend torsion springs. That’s because torsion springs have a longer lifespan and don’t rip properties apart when they break. As mentioned earlier, extension springs fire off, destroying whatever blocks their way. To avoid cases of having to operate your garage door without springs, choose a coated torsion spring model.

Garage Door Without Springs: Why Garage Door Torsion Spring Break

Here are the biggest reasons for having a garage door without springs

  • Wear and Tear

Every garage door coil spring has a specific life expectancy, which ranges from 10000 to 20000 cycles. The cycle defines the number of times to open and close the door before the springs fail. If you use your garage door often, then you should consider a spring replacement soon. Those that use their garage as a front door should consider buying an extended life torsion spring, which is more durable.

  • Poor Maintenance Culture

We cannot rule out the fact that your garage door spring will fail someday, which is like using a garage door without springs.

But regular maintenance can prolong its life, eliminating any unforeseen occurrence. In other words, if you inspect your door spring often, you can spot warning signs and take the right action. Of course, the best thing is to replace the springs when you see failure symptoms. That said, you must lubricate the spring and gauge the door’s balance at least once a year. If you’re not a DIY type, contact Ed Garage Door Repair technicians in Lynnwood, WA for help.

  • Rust

Another reason you might get a garage door without springs is rust. Remember, rust will reduce the spring’s lifespan and increases the coil’s friction. Besides, rust weakens the coil’s ability to expand and contract when you operate the door. Meanwhile, the only way to prevent corrosion is to apply lubricants on the springs regularly.

What Happens If I Use Garage Door Without Springs?

Of course, Ed Garage Door Repair has highly skilled professionals to work on any garage door without springs.

Meanwhile, operating a garage door without springs adds excessive stress to the door opener. As a result, the motor performs extra work to tackle the load and, in turn, wears out too soon.

What’s more, a garage door spring can damage your property when it breaks. Sometimes, the loose spring escapes with great force, hitting the car, ceilings, windows, or wall. Of course, humans can also become victims of a broken garage door spring.

Instead of operating your garage door without springs, have a door technician assess the springs and cables for failure signs. Remember, you cannot continue to use one spring if the other breaks. Replace the springs immediately when the door doesn’t function as expected.

Why We Are The Best Garage Door Repair Technicians In Lynnwood?

If you’re asking to know the best garage repair experts near me in Lynnwood, WA you’re not far from the truth. Of course, Ed Garage Door Repair boasts the most skillful, well-trained, experienced, and equipped garage door repair experts in Lynwood, WA. With us, you don’t need to keep up any longer with a garage door without springs. We follow all building codes during a garage door spring installation to ensure your safety.

Our team offers high-quality and dependable garage door spring maintenance and replacement services. You can rely on us anytime you want to overhaul garage door parts. Once we’re done, you won’t have reasons to complain in a long time.

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